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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just in Time for Europe!!! Gram's doing better...for now.

Murphy has struck again.

Just in time for Europe... this artist here decided to break a bone in her foot.

Thanks for feeling sorry for me... DRAT!!!! I bought new shoes too. So, I think I will go off to my studio and make some fun jewelry to take with me. I am thinking of matching my new outfit I bought for the journey. If I do (what else can I do?) I will post images later.

The really good news is that my Son-in-law told me today that he isn't going anywhere and to go ahead and take our trip. I have been waiting forever to order my clothes. We weren't sure if he would still be with us. They are calling his cancer, pancreatic, but they still aren't sure. He is having most of his troubles with his blood. We went and saw him today in the hospital just after I got my 'boot' on the leg. He really looks good.

Here he is skydiving... he and Dana did this with his brothers after seeing the movie, "Bucket List".

He is super-duper and grand.

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  1. Loved your post on the MC list this morning -- love of friends, and Vicodin. Can't beat that combination! Best wishes for your recovery and trip. I broke a toe while watching the Hurricane Katrina coverage on CNN (don't ask!) and was so moved by the massive suffering on TV, I was too ashamed to report directly to my local ER. I thought, how can I complain about a stupid toe when our fellow Americans are dying in their homes? Balancing compassion with common sense never was my strong suit. Well, DUH, turns out those tiny little bones can cause an awful lot of trouble when not properly looked after, so kudos to you for getting this taken care of the right way!