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Friday, February 13, 2009

I am almost back!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. This will be my first Valentine's Day tomorrow with out my Phil... so I mailed cards to my kids instead. Yours truly is getting back to her old self. The sadness won't all go away, not just yet - if ever... it just gets easier.

On monday I went to my Sacramento Area polymer clay guild... Clayville-California, and watched a demo by Victoria James. That started getting the creative juices going. I have an idea for some salt and pepper shakers. I will post as soon as the are made.

My friend Sonja Patel came by yesterday to put the photos we had on display at Phil's service in a scrapbook. She got about half done. I was picking up and arranging my studio at the same time. I have a Level I Art Clay Certification February 27, 28 and March 1. Then the next Saturday the 7th I have an introductory workshop set up.

Both workshops are nearly full. I just know that teaching will get me excited about creating again.

I have done nothing since November.... no ideas, not a single piece of work. It is very okay... it is more important to get the paperwork in order and things done around the house that Phil used to do. Derek (my son) has been a rock and has helped me immensely. So, I will post some very old work. I taught the above project at the 2006 Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, WI. It is a hollow box with a positive and negative stamp I made from a photo polymer sheet.
Next week our Jewel Carnival will be posting again and I will join them. Haven't done so since November.
Oh, and don't forget to feed my fish.... click on the water and the fish will come and feed. Hover your mouse over the water and they will gather around and 'beg' for food.
Glad to be posting again.

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