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Friday, May 22, 2009

Jewel Carnival Blog time... Again!

Who was my most influential metal artist or teacher?

Many MANY teachers and artists' have jump-started my art life. Many... far too many.

But far and away it is Carolyn Morris Bach.

I have loved her work since I saw my first Piece of
Art Jewelry in the late 1980's. What impressed me the most was the clean simplicity of her work, the balanced artistry and the whimsy she delectably adds to each piece.

She IS my hero of art jewelry.

Sadly, I have never purchased her work, nor I have ever met her or taken a workshop from her. I just have to clean the drool off of magazines with her work featured or in ads. Ornament is great place to see her artfulness.

Bach's work never ceases to amaze me, delight me and inspire the muse in me to create new work. To be a maker without a thought if it would be 'saleable' or not. Without talking to her or studying her words on her work, I have learned the most valuable lesson in my art life: To make what comes from my spirit without fear of criticism. To be able to show my soul in my work for the pure joy of the process. This is what I have cultured from studying her art. And it IS fine.

Take a walk through her web pages... but start here with a review of her work by the Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. You will be so delighted... Don't be surprised if you to try and purchase one of her works of art.

Then browse through these other blogs on the same subject of teacher/artist. You will love this Carnival Friday and so have I.

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  1. OMG, Carolyn Morris Bach is one of my idols, too!! I keep a Book of Attractions where I paste in photos of work that inspires me, and she owns more pages than anyone else.

    I got to see an exhibition of her work in Houston a year or two ago. Expensive (justifiably so), but lots of red dots. Obviously the world recognizes excellence and will pay for it.

  2. Vickie,
    Wow, yes her work is just awesome. Such a prolific and creative maker of jewelry.

  3. Looks like you are super busy and that makes me so happy! Great blog post. Her work is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing you in July!



  4. Lorrene, thank you for introducing me to Ms. Bach--her work is indeed amazing!

  5. What a lovely fox, looks great. The piece really looks alive!

  6. Oh, Lorrene! Thanks for the link to her page! What absolutely lovely work ! Great post !