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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowed in by Freak Storm

The above photos were take a bit ago. Yesterday I couldn't see any green. All the trees were weighed down with snow. Most of the power problem arose from the snow breaking tree limbs or the limbs weighing down on the power lines.
I have been out of communications for the last day and this am.... except for calling PG&E to find out when I'd get power. It went off at 5am yesterday and just came on at 9am. I tried not to make too many cell phone calls... the only way to charge it is to sit in the car for over an hour with the engine running. So, no calls except to PG&E... over, and over and over...

To say I was freezing and on the pity-pot is an understatement. My sweet son called me to see if I needed him... Oh yes... All I wanted to do is get more candles and something warm into my tummy. He shoveled snow off of the lower driveway and took me to Walmart... the only place open. The upper end of the driveway is closed due to tree branches weighed down with snow. Main Street was dark as well as most of the county. He brought me a camp stove so I could heat some tea up or food but neglected to teach me how to use it...or, I forgot to ask. I wore just about every warm item of clothing and two, yes two, hats to bed. I was pretty toasty warm during the night... also, I downed two Tylenol PM's to make sure I slept soundly. The cold can keep a person awake.

Whoops. Power went out again at about 9:30... It just came back on at 2pm. Shari Anger called me on my cell and offered me a room at her Inn tonight if it goes out again. I just happened to check in with PG&E at about 12:30 and a canned message said there were no outages in our area. So I waited for a person, and wouldn't you know it, there were only three homes IN THE ENTIRE COUNTY without power. Ah, gotta love that Murphy.

So, I have been bundled up, burning tons of candles to raise the indoor temperature from 48 degrees to 52 degrees.... hey, a little heat goes a long way. I still cannot drive down the road because of the visual and black ice.

Now I just have to wait for the water to heat up for a blessed shower.

So, I am okay.... this is to let you know that the drama is over.... I hope.

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