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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Glass, Glorious Glass

Now that the ugly chest cold is gone, I got to run some tests on fusing glass. I noticed from the workshop I attended at Arrow Springs Glass, the material, dichro and regular, can and WILL change colors after the fusing is complete. So, Monday I made test pieces. I took small squares of black and clear and put small pieces of dichro on the top. One set per dichro color and on each set I put the dichro side up and the dichro side down. Fused them and am now going to keep the sample with the actual glass. This way I can design with color as well as shape and materials.

  • The first image is the glass ready to fuse on the pink kiln-wash board.

  • The second is the above fired and

  • The third is the fused test pieces near the dicro glass.
    Click on images to enlarge.

The studio is almost done. I will post an image as soon as I can...... so, I guess I should go back and finish it.

Got a great class coming up this weekend in Sacramento at U Bead It in Sacramento. Love teaching metal clay. Love it.

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