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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jewel Carnival Blog for August: Studio Tour

It is that time of the month... we are doing a Jewelry Blog Carnival Studio Tour and thought it would be fun for other artists to see our work spaces. So not a lot of words this time. Just images. Being that I just got back from a retreat, and had to put all my clay and tools away, these shots were taken last night at O - dark thirty.

The left is the classroom / fused glass / sales / storage area. I can take 6 students, but I prefer 3 to 4. When I do not have classes it is loaded with my fused glass cutting area, the grinder and glass band saw.

This image is of my private work queendom. My artistic realm. Straight ahead is the metal/goldsmithing area and to the right is my polymer/metal clay work station. It is pretty darn organized. After I got it set up I didn't think that I could find anything. But, to my surprise - it made sense and I can find stuff.

Below is a better view of my main work area. I have my Ipod up top on my right and a mini TV on my left. It is pretty darn cool - I can put in a jewelry VHS tape whenever I want to watch or research a technique I haven't done in ages.

In this image I have been working with my polymer goodies. Inspiration came from our local Clayville-California's Annual PolyPalooza retreat at Zephyr Point on Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

The goldsmithing area is always a mess. I am constantly running over to file, solder, saw or set a stone. Of course I am always in a hurry and don't clean up... except for sorting my metal filings. Here I am waving at the camera. I try to use feng shui in the studio set up. Therefore the mirror. It is bad chi to have your back to the room and not be able to see people approaching you.

It has taken many years and many tries to get the studio/classroom just right ... it is, now for me, my heaven. I have only had ten studios/work areas ... s'bout time I got it right ... don'tcha think?

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