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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chest cold and ramblings.....

So, okay...yours truly has broken down and created a blog. I was giving a polymer clay demo at our local co-op gallery, Gold Country Artist's Gallery, and some friends from one of my previous employers told me I had to do this.

So, here it is Sunday March 9th and I am alternately blowing my nose and typing. What a bummer. My sweet husband, Phil, has been helping me re-organize my studio and now I cannot do anything but ramble. The cold is a major problem with my hectic schedule.

A super lady, Mary, from Kalmbach books called and inquired about
re-publishing my book. I told her I had another in process. The working title is Metal Clay - Polymer Clay. She said that combination of materials is very hot right now and proceeded to send me the proposal guidelines. So, keep your fingers crossed that my proposal gets accepted. This self-publishing process was fun, creative, self-empowering.... but a lot of very hard work.

Zounds! If I want to have the book ready for the MCWC (Metal Clay World Conference) in July of '09 I have to get my sample step by steps out to her this week!!!

Uh... chest cold, up-ended studio..... let me see.... YIKES!!!

Think I'll go back to bed.
The above polymer and metal clay purse was made after a Kathleen Dustin workshop.

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  1. Great going Sis!
    You cease to amaze me...Mom and Dad would be so proud of you.
    Get well...Love you so...