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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The creative process

Okay, I am feeling a bit better. Yesterday we worked a few hours on the studio and it pooped me out... it is soooo exciting. With a little labor and a few dollars the studio will be much more roomy for my students and I will have a larger work area. It is totally different. Yippy skippy!

When I set up my classes this year, I decided to have them every other month. So, thankfully, with this cold, I am not pushed to teach this month. In April I will be teaching the below polymer clay DecoBox workshop and the metal clay amphora to the right will be in my intermediate metal clay workshops. The classes dates can be found here.

Lately I have been thinking of the creative process and how to get new ideas. In my classes I stress the option of wandering around different businesses: Craft stores, hardware stores, gourmet cooking outlets and such. Just wander around and say to yourself, "Now, what can I do with this? With that?". This opens up the intuitive part of your brain and gets you into the 'zone'. That is the bliss of creativity. That is why we are artists.

Get inspiration from other artists, take workshops and then find out what you can do with the above 'zone' ideas and new techniques. You WILL surprise yourself.

Off to get stuff for the studio.

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