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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jewel Carnival Blog - My favorite Hand Tool

While thinking about today's blog and what tool is my favorite, I thought about the new one that I just made. I was bouncing back and forth between the chasing hammer, the hammer hand piece for my Fordom, small escapement files, plastic sheet roller or the ever wonderful slats by Pam East. Several months ago someone on our metal clay gallery asked about a finger brush. My mind went wild with the possibilities.

So, about a month ago I started buying pieces and parts, making early prototypes and starting all over anew. I spent just about a day thinking about the engineering, the wear ability, the functionality and the look of this item. Two days ago it all came together. I pulled out the brushes I was to decimate, the polymer and the holders and started the process.

That said, I did make prototypes and sold them to my students in June. They were very functional, but not artistic. The reason I hadn't put it out there that I was making them was because I wanted to make sure they held up, looked kinda cool and needed to start the patent process.

Patent process.... hey it was my wonderful husband's idea. He wants to mass produce them. I am not sure about that. I am selling them now for $7.50 plus Shipping and handling. Only have a few made... not sure I want to spend my free time building these things. But.... there is always a need for a new widget.

(click on images for a better view)

You can see that I just got sick and tired of filing the metal clay, putting the file down, picking up my dry brush - then brushing the valuable metal clay sandings off of the work, setting down the dry brush (always facing the wrong way too) and then picking up my file and starting all over again.

I made them one size fits all. After you read the following blogs from our JewelCarnival Bloggers, click here for more information on the FingerBrushes. Patent Pending.

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