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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Making of a Quilters Logo PART II

Part II

So I took a day off yesterday, finished some beading and then went to the movies with a dear artist friend and saw the chick flick "Letters to Juliette"... the scenery was fantastic. Liked the movie - tho the ending was a bit corny.  Makes one want to run, not walk, over to Tuscany and see the sights, drink the wine, taste the cheese and look at all the pretty young men.  She came over to my cottage and we had wine and dinner and talked girl talk and yapped  about the differences between men and women and if we even wanted to have the angst, heartache, exhilaration and joy of dating again.... but, hey, that is another blog.

This morning I got rejuvenated with my exercise program and decided to jump right back into the designing of the logo for my dear friend and director of the show, Chrissie Addison.  She and her artist husband, Roger Filippelli, worked out a sketch of what they wanted and, with some input by me, we came up with a general outline for the poster, business cards and all around collateral for the musical QUILTERS

I know, I know the show isn't starting until the Winter of 2011, but publicity has already been flowing into the media. We need fliers for audition notices, business cards for the staff and actors, hand-outs for the actors to share with the production dates and most importantly the posters to hang in businesses prior to and during the show.

So you can see by the sketch we have a great idea forming. Then they said for me to go forth and create.  How cool is that?

....But have the logo done by the first of June.  Well, that's not happening.  I do have a pretty good start on it and should have it done by the 8th. Who knows, if she likes it ... then it is done... the logo that is.

In the PART I blog I wrote about how I searched online and found the Log Cabin quilt pattern and incorporated Chrissie's colors she chose. Today was a loooooong process of finding the right Q font to use, change it, arrange the log cabin blocks, add the needle and thread and then go into Photoshop and fill the Q with the 'Log Cabin quilt'.  The following image is of the InDesign work that I did.

The next image is what I have come up with so far. I sure hope she likes it... Lots of time and work.  Everyone thinks that graphics are easy with Photoshopping and all. But, it DOES take time.The cmyk info is on the page and on all the paint chips from the store.  I need to always have the color formulas down pat. I did the same with the Log Cabin block too. Those hues were blended by me to match the color scheme of Chrissie's. All the main text in the work will be in the burgundy color of the thread.

Okay, 'nuff for today.

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