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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Making of a Quilters Logo PART III

So, I got a lovely email from Chrissie and Roger with some comments and ideas about the logo and the changes they would like to see.

I liked what they had to say.  It would be cool to have the fabric color in the log cabin patch be patterned like cloth.... but I don't have the fabric to scan and it would take me an incredible amount of time to add art to each of the colors.  Then, when the logo is reduced for business cards the image would get muddy. They also wanted the 'blocks' larger and some of them reversed. They noted that the quilt inside of the 'Q' looked more like a plaid... they were right.

Therefore I opted to give it more of a 'heavy' texture in Photoshop.  That will disappear too.. but it will look very cool in the poster.

I also took it upon myself to give the 'Q' more height....in hindsight I saw that the sketch had a taller letter. I think this will be good and allow room for the sepia-toned covered wagon that will go in the center. Then later after the show is cast we will have the actor's images inserted for the rest of the collateral that will be passed around.

So, here is the first one with the lighter cloth-like 'texture'.  The Q still needs some tweaking... later.

We'll see what they have to say.... I am kind of fond of the changes they made.

The color of the thread will be the main text color... Either Teal, dark brown and/or deep red.
The second logo shown below is with the thicker texture.  The only problem with these 'textures' is that they get really muddy when reduced.

That said, I can always use the logo withOUT texture. That would be successful when the work calls for a major reduction in size.  So, for now, I am building it for the poster....

Okay, another 4 hours gone.

Again, 'nuff for today.

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