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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Making of a Quilters Logo PART I

About a month or so ago, a dear friend asked me to work on her production for 2011. Not as an actor (drat) but as the graphic artist to create the collateral for the show.
Anything to be part of a musical production.

Quilters is a lovely musical about a woman, her girls and how they survived and lived on the prairie during the opening up of America. It has the different quilt patches brought out by each one as they sing and talk of they life they are living. At the end of the show a large quilt is raised and it is comprised of all the 'life' patches of the family.

Our community is very involved. The quilting guilds are donating fabric some of which is really old material... some of the cloth is from the actual era that the show is portraying. Others will be making the quilts for the actors to use.  It is an exciting production to be involved with, even though it is only as a graphic artist.  Sigh.

Okay. If I can stay on top of this blog series I will be taking you through the process of getting a logo made, the poster started, the business cards created and then fliers or postcards to be handed out by the actors, crew and production staff.... should be interesting.

We met a while ago and they gave me their inspiration for the collateral that I will be creating. I was delighted that they gave me some creative license.  I asked for:

  • Deadlines

  • Color choices for the logo and poster background

  • How many items are to be produced by me

  • What quilt pattern was to be the background for the logo
I had a sweet packed of color swatches from The Home Depot delivered to me and today I started.  They chose the log cabin pattern and I googled and binged until I found a free pdf outline of the log cabin design. I placed it into Photoshop and did my best to eye up the colors that the director chose.  As you see above.

Now on to InDesign to work on the next step.....

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