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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Making of a Quilters Logo PART IV

So, we are still working on this logo... I would like to really get this down soon. Chrissie and I are meeting tomorrow for about an hour to put the finishing touches on the logo. After that we'll play with the rest of the image.
In the mean time .........

I got to run away for a few days to South Lake Tahoe.... our Sacramento Regional polymer guild, Clayville-California had a retreat at the incredible Zephyr Point Conference center. I had four glorious days of making new big bead necklaces and the inspiration was all around us. There is a new African Mud Cloth technique I need to make. A great artist by the name of Kim Swearington from Reno gave a demonstration on her development of this art form. I have already new ideas on how to tweak this technique that will fit my needs as an artist. So..... anyhooo, back to Quilters.

The next review by Chrissie and Roger mentioned that the quilt patches should be larger inside the Q... so that is what I've worked upon.  The quilt is no longer 'balanced' because I had evenly spaced the blocks to fill the area in my last post.  But, quilts aren't truly perfect ... now are they?

Also, I made the 'cloth' texture deeper.  When the logo is reduced to, say business card size, the texture just might still be visible.  So here it is so far...

And then I had to play.....

Now off to a Gallery meeting and then dinner.
As usual..... 'nuff for now.

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