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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Making of a Quilters Logo PART V

Okay, so Chrissie (The Director of the musical) and I got together again recently and worked on this logo thing-y.  She had some really great ideas on how she wanted the pattern to be placed inside the Q. We sat at the computer and came up with a very cool look.

Then she took a gander at the old time-y wagon that I had turned into a sepia tone inside the Q.  She had me fade out a bit of the building behind the wagon and - voila!  Perfection.  The colors look like fabric, the log cabin block pattern is recognizable and the colors are what she chose.

So thus far we have a logo for the show.  Until the show is cast.... and then I will be inserting photos of the actors inside the hollow area of the Q.

I am very happy with the whole look.
Next on to a greyscale quarter page flier.....

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