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Friday, June 20, 2008

It's THAT time again.... Jewel Carnival Blog

Okay... it is Friday the 20th and the topic for this group blog is, " What is My Favorite Jewelry Book?".. Yikes, there are so many.

When I was at the Revere Academy, I bought every repair book, stone setting book, fabrication book I could get my hands on. When I finally put out the $100.00 (now it is way more) for Oppi Untrachts book, Jewelry Concepts and Technology, I knew that I had found the ultimate book.

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A lovely review by Rich Waugh on this book starts out with:

"...Oppi Untracht was a Fulbright Scholar in both India and Nepal from 1957 to 1959 and 1963 to 1965 respectively, and during those stays he visited many metalsmiths, studied their art and took copious photographs of their work. Much of what he learned in India and Nepal is included in this book, including filigree, enameling (his forté), niello, bidri, kuftgari and others. The majority of the illustrations for this volume appear to originate with Untracht’s eastern sojourns, and the scenes of craftsmen producing magnificent works using the most primitive of techniques and tools are truly fascinating..."

I love this book because of the techniques he shares from all over the world.... yes, this is true. But the main passion that comes through to me is the Art Forms, the unique samples of break through artist's work that is astounding. We as jewelry artists, in the 21st century, believe that we are stretching the boundaries of the medium, that we are creating such new and exciting work that the world has never seen.

Bah! We are all using techniques that have been around for 3000 plus years. The materials may change, the tricks may change but the process is all following those before us. If you think I am mad, get a copy and look at the outrageous works using: resin, copper, plastic and more.

There are 807 readable pages in this huge tome of incredible information. Go to a library, a metalsmith's book stash and just browse... have a cup of tea and some time and you'll know what I mean.
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