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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Procrastination.

The glass is fired, ground and fire polished. What is keeping me back?

Just getting in and starting, I guess. That is what I'll do when the blog is done. This procrastination is not for lack of ideas.... I think that I've kept up such a super fast stream of life since 'retirement'. My body and soul wants me to slow down. I have been reading a lot and I love it. Now, I am getting closer to the quarterly deadline of submitting work to a Portland, OR gallery I want to get into.

What is that Nike saying, "Just do it!"?

My problem is probably stemming from a 'deadline'.... We had that every day with our gallery and I am balking at the very thought of it.

Enough of this self-pandering... I am off to the studio. I will post later.

Here is an image I took of a Tehachapie morning outside the cabin
at a Klew Polymer Clay retreat.

Hmm... feels good.

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