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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When other things get in the way...

Yup.... stuff happens.

I haven't touched my art for Three Weeks!!!!! Yikes! But, sometimes other things have to be done. Like clean the house, go away for a week, build a closet.

Build a closet? Well, Phil built it. He did a great job. But, now I have been going through clothes trying to decide which to throw away, what to give to Hospice, what to put in a bin for when I lose enough weight to WEAR THEM AGAIN, and which to hang up in my pretty new closet. I got to help paint it and put up thin cedar sheets. But my honey did a fabulous job.

Our son is coming home to stay for a month or year and we have needed space for me for ages and he needs space for his stuff too. I have been tutoring him on computerese... he has never had a computer. Amazing.

Today I am finishing up the clothes thing-y and then going out to the studio to finish up the glass/metal clay charms I am making for the Metal Clay Charity. See my blog of March 18.
In the mean time I am totally enjoying him being here... Oh, and his son, Ben, came down from Oregon too. So we have four peeps in our small home.... a real challenge. But, it is working.

Our son-in-law, Gram, seems to be holding his own and barreling head on into his cancer... if you have a chance check out his CaringBridge site.

Well, time to get to work and finish up the clothes.....

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