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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Mrs. Medlock has just brought poor Mary to Misslethwaite

Mary Lennox arrives in Yorkshire, England around 1911 after a horrific epidemic of cholera spreads through India wiping out most of the people in the compound where Mary and her family lived.  Her mother & father (Rose and Albert Lennox) and her ayah & fakir were all killed by that unforgiving disease. It was in her parent's will that Mary go and live with her Uncle Archibald Craven at Misslethwaite Manor in the moors of Yorkshire. Archibald was married to Lily, Rose's sister. While in India, Mary had no children to play with and was spoiled rotten by her ayah and fakir. They over protected her because her father was always busy with his duties as an officer in the British army and her mother was far too busy with her parties and socializing.....

.... After arriving at the manor she was scuttled off to her room where she met Martha, a sweet and caring house maid. At night the child had trouble sleeping for she kept hearing sounds of someone crying.  During her wanderings at night she happened onto her cousin Collin's room. There they met and talked and planed on seeing each other daily.  But, their plans were thwarted when Dr. Neville Craven, Archibald's brother and Mrs. Medlock , her uncles brother swore her to NEVER see Collin again... " He was too ill."

Mary was saddend to learn that Collin's mother, Lily, died in childbirth and he was not to live very long and has been bedridden since birth. Collin was just as lonely as Mary and they both had a bit of an 'attitude'.... The scene when they meet is worth the price of a ticket.
Well, you know children. It is universally understood that they will always try to get by and do whatever they WANT to do....

Mary and Collin in the Garden
This Wonderful musical illustrates how two lonely and ignored children bond and turn their lives around by taking charge of their own world.  The songs that they sing lift up the hearts of all who are lucky enough to sit in the audience.

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