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Friday, January 27, 2012


Doctor Neville Craven, Archibald's brother, is a rather complex character. Because he is the youngest of the two he did not inherit the Misselthwaite Manor in the Yorkshire moors of England.... Nor did he receive the  family wealth. He instead became a respected doctor in the area and made it his primary purpose to care for the very ill son of Archibald: Collin. He forbade Archie to even wake the child, he was "so sick ... maybe even dying".

But, Collin was not that ill.We later find that Neville had fallen in love with Lily, Archie's deceased wife and some part of his being tried to keep his brother from his son.  Archibald, as I stated in a previous blog, had scoliosis: then known as a hunchback.  Neville supposed that Collin had a more serious variety of that 'disease' and was going to die.

He has Mrs. Winthrop, the Headmistress at a school for girls come and interview Mary. He wants to get rid of her and send her away to school because he feels she is, "disturbing Collin". He tells his brother this and also accuse Archibald of "shirking his responsibilities" because he is packing to leave for Paris.  The father is destitute because he fears he cannot get away from Lily's 'ghost'.

 Click on the you tube video below to watch the  performance of two talented actors singing about how young Mary Lennox has LILY'S EYES.

Christopher Higbee and  Brian Clark singing Lily's Eyes from THE SECRET GARDEN.
This is probably the finest male duet in the history of live theater

Archibald is on the left and Neville is on the right.
Sit back and enjoy!!!

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