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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Secret Garden Part III

Today I want to talk about the wonderful love story of Lily and Archibald Craven.

Archibald Craven was riding among the moors of Yorkshire when he happened upon the beautiful Lily working in her garden. He began to woo her and they both fell deeply in love. Eventually they married ...  against the wishes of her sister Rose, and his brother Neville. You see Archibald was a hunchback... today it is called scoliosis. Rose was terrified that any children of their union would be crippled.

                                                       That wouldn't be the only problem

Dear, sweet Lily would die during childbirth. Archibald was so bereft that he couldn't even look at his child Collin. So his brother, Neville continued to live at the manor taking care of the boy. Neville was so concerned about Collin's health that he kept him in bed and didn't allow his father to ever waken him. Archie would only read to his son after Collin went to sleep.

Lily's spirit wasn't able to leave Misselthwaite Manor for she was held there by her husbands grief and the needs of her lonely Collin. She was hoping to let Archie see that her love for him was unconditional and that he needed to share that adoration with his child. So she stayed in the manor and sang to him as well as to ease Collin's pain.

Unbeknown  to Archie and Lily, Neville was madly in love with her also. Listen to the powerful duet between the brothers in the You Tube video below. 

Their duet was enough to make me want to direct this show.

The 45th Annual Tony Awards review

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