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Friday, January 20, 2012


The incredible roles of Martha the house maid and her brother, the mystical Dickon...

Oh, if I were only younger and someone else were to direct this show I would beg to be Martha. She has two incredible songs. And Dickon? Well he can, and has, stolen the show, many times.

First of all, Dickon is a mystery: he is ageless, somewhat of a pied piper who talks Mary into believing she can do anything she desires....  She wants a key to the garden that used to belong to Lily... but only the Robin knows where the key is but, she must speak the bird in Yorkshire. Dickon  can be 14 years old up to 25... as I said, ageless.

Here is Martha singing If I Had A Fine White Horse

Now Martha is a house maid with all the spunk and liveliness of one not beaten down by her station in life. She has an unending source of joy to share. She knows that Mary is saddened by having lost both her parents to the Cholera in India but also having to come and live in this dreary manor at Misselthwaite, in the Yorkshires, England.
One just knows that both of Martha and Dickon's parents were full of life, optimism and love. And that both of their children absorbed their parents joy of living and have made is their aim to share and spread this elation of living to the fullest to all they encounter.

Especially to Mary and Collin.

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