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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Putting the Ego in line

A very good way to get the ego in line is to enter a competition and not win ANYTHING! Okay, I am through with my infantile blabber.

Heh,heh. Yup, it is a bit damaging to the ego, but that is okay. I learned several lessons here. Don't necessarily follow the theme: the winners usually are following their bliss, and that is why they win. Also, if I ever make a torque type neckpiece again , I will not make it to fit me. One of my shoulders is higher than the other and a judge might think it unwearable. Another unwearable thingy.... don't send it with your homemade display.. (see above). Those things are not (repeat: are not) even close the human body shape.

The above work was made to the theme "Celebration"... I made it with my husband's and my birthstones and a quartz briolette for our new age spirituality. There are three diamonds that signify 'I Love You' and it is celebration of our 34th anniversary this last Monday. I tried to get a feeling of confetti flying and the excitement of our union. I think it worked. It is hinged in the back and there is a hidden gravity hook underneath the stone shield. I like to make things pretty from the back too. So I did some laborious finish work behind the shield. The metal flows in to the back of the stones.

I must admit, I had a lot of fun building this piece and thought I had a bit of a chance with this contest. It has been a few days since the 'news' was broadcast and I am so very okay with it all by now. There were great lessons to be learned and I share them below.

One thing I will do in the future is be proactive. I will find out about the jurors: Are they avant garde? Do they like contemporary jewelry? Do they have a penchant for small 'jewelry store' style baubles? What do they like? Then I will make something with their preferences while following my maker's dreams.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time for 'economical' new work and contests

I am so lax in entering contests.... if ever. And when I do, it is oh, so last minute. Today I hope to finish the NAD, North American Design contest in Silver Clay. I have been a Master Instructor there for several years and you'd think I would enter... I will post when it is done.

Because of the, really, strong economic downturn, I made some new earring jackets out of pure silver and pure gold. They are small and lightweight and are only $54.00 per pair. And THAT is including the sterling ball posts. I needed something to hold the jackets onto the cards. If you do not know what jackets are I will try to explain. They are to enhance one's jewelry wardrobe by making all of our stud ear posts have a bit more 'bling'. In other words, say, the pearl stud post is put through the hole of the jacket, then through the hole of the earlobe and the clutch in the back holds it all together.

I had to explain it a bit at the El Dorado County Artist's Studio Tour last weekend. So, I have made a sign to go in my galleries.

It shows the jacket alone and with several gemstone studs.
(Click on image for a much larger picture)