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Saturday, December 18, 2010

... The Almost Final Quilters Collateral

Whoot Whoot!

The design has been finalized by the director, Chrissie Addison. The only thing left for me to do is to go to a rehearsal and take a new photos of the actors. The last blog version included a picture of the cast that was not indicative of the production's script ... it is truly a lively musical.

Below is the poster ....quasi-finally-finished. I have also completed the Constant Contact email too...  that one is also waiting for the new picture.

I've also did the postcard design (below) to be mailed and handed out by the actors and staff. After the cast shot inclusion.

Front.                      Back

As of this date I have created the show logo, the quarter page fliers for audition notices, a small flier to hand out to the public during parades and such, the background 'ancient paper', the business cards, the Constant Contact email to be sent out and  the poster.

Whew!  A labor of love, let me tell you.

Something tells me there WILL be more. Chuckle.

So go to www.it-tickets.org   The tickets are on sale now and you can choose the seat you want.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

...more challenges with the QUILTER'S collateral

Well, we are now getting down to the wire. Some of you have followed my travails in creating the logo for Quilters, the musical based upon the true stories of pioneer women.

This was designed last spring.
Well, the show has now been cast with delightfully talented women and I cannot WAIT to see the show. But, in the mean time, I've gotten back on my graphics horse and have to have the finished poster done by Friday.... Yikes!

But, yours truly has been pushing herself hard.

One cool thing that the director, Chrissie Addison, wanted was the background of the poster to look like old OLD aged paper.  Now how in the heck-aroo will I do that?   So me puts on me think'n cap and came up with a novel approach.  Take a brown paper grocery shopping bag, crinkle it up a lot and then scan it and tweak it in Photo Shop.

Yesterday I sent her the poster 1 and she sent me back changes. The background was a wave of sepia colors.  Today I did the crunched paper bag thing and it took three scans to get what I wanted. At one point I had to iron the center of the paper because it was TOO wrinkled.  lol. Today I made the her changes and created two posters. One that I liked and one that she had added a tweak or two.


So here they are.  What do YOU think? I think I like them both equally well.
So which ever one she chooses will be fine with me.

Oh, and an added note. We both are not fond of the grim looks on the actors faces. I also didn't like that blob of white in the upper corner. Takes the focus away from the girls.  The daughter on the right was way to far to the right and I had to crop her out and move her to the left. 
Chrissie's been given the new parameters for the 'happy' photo. Then I can create another logo and the poster will be done. Yea!