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Friday, September 25, 2009

Jewel Carnival again!

We are a group of jewelry artists working in various mediums who have chosen different topics to write on as a group.This event takes place about the same time each month. Why not visit the other artists listed below the following blog.

So just what is it that inspires me to be designing and working with jewelry? What excites me about it to create a new item?

Well, I do like working with small sculptures. Really small sculptures.....

What is that saying that seems to always work in many circumstances?
It Is What It Is....

How can I actually say what motivates me? Is it the ache to be creative? Is it the joy of working in a craft that I love? How about the passion of being a maker of art?

How about all of the above...? How about just MakingDoingGetting the Hands Moving?

When I am inspired by a new technique, sketch, vision, person, color, shape or form.. or whatever it is that tickles that spot in my essence that says, "Go Forth And Make!!!"

Well, yup! That too.

In spite of the verbage above, I have to admit that all I have to do is sit down around my art materials and the designs pop out on the drawing pad. Since I work mainly in my two clay mediums of choice: Polymer and metal clay, the working design will 'tell' me which material to use.

Then I make ...

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tops In Blue - Extraordinary Performance

Tops in Entertainment on Labor Day!

My friend Chris and I went to the California State Fair last night to look at the fine art exhibit and to watch a concert by the Air Forces' amazing entertainers, Tops in Blue. They are active service members who auditioned and got accepted into what the Force calls their Expeditionary Entertainers. They put on shows for service members and their families, Coalition partners and audiences around the globe.
This has been going on for 56 years and it is the first time I have ever heard of them or seen them. Amazing.

This high impact, high energy event kept me smiling and my toes tapping. The discipline and training of their rehearsals show in every hand movement, dance numbers and vocalization. I was astounded at the talent and precision of very person on and off the stage. They also liked to come into the audience to flirt with and engage everyone watching the show. And the spectators loved every minute of it.

Yes I did.

Normally I am put off a bit by too much choreography: too much hands, arms and feet. But, these entertainers were consistent throughout the show. Their vigor and enthusiasm was engaging and so it worked in this venue. This group never let up for a moment. Always in sync.... Always. If you'd like to hear a bit more about them click here. There is also a great documentary to watch here.

There are a lot of YouTube, Tops In Blue, videos available on line. Most of them are pretty fuzzy and have poor sound quality. But, I spent a bit of time on this today to share with you. I lucked out and found a bit from the 2009 tour. Click here for clear video and good sound. We got to see this number last night.

Now, back to making jewelry for the Art Tour.