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Friday, December 30, 2011

Here we go again!!! The Secret Garden Part I

Most of you know that I absolutely LOVE the theater...live, movies, TV. I  am passionate about acting and directing.

Just about 20 years ago I promised myself that I would direct the musical of the children's story The Secret Garden. The musical is based upon the book by Frances Hodgsen Burnett. The story was serialized in 1910 in The American Magazine and published in book form in 1911.

This novel became one of the most prized and read of all children's novels. Did she have any idea that it would become a stage musical and a non-musical movie? I wonder... She died in 1924 without ever knowing how immensely popular her work would become. She published Little Lord Fauntleroy in 1885 and added to her celebrity with A Little Princess which later became a musical too.

In 1991 the musical version of The Secret Garden made it's Broadway debut in New York City in April of 1991. Marsha Norman adapted the book into a musical play and put her twist on it by increasing Mary's role and that of Lily and Archibald.  Her writing emphasized the theme of love and loss of the book. She subsequently won a Tony for her work: Best Book of a Musical.  Lucy Simon (Carly's big sister) wrote the music for the show. She said, "I was very interestedd (in this show) because of course I loved The Secret Garden as a kid, and had read it to my child...So I had a sense of where that (Yorkshire) landscape was...and also being a folk singer, I did a lot of Scottish and Irish and English folk songs."  She received a Tony nomination for this show: Best Original Score. She also wrote songs for A My Name Is Alice too.  Ahem, I was in A MY NAME WILL ALWAYS BE ALICE.

So, you can see that I am so thrilled to be directing this show.

That said, I never read the book as a child. My sister, Lelana, said it was her favorite story when she was little... hmmm? I never saw the book... but then, I love a mystery and jumped right into the Nancy Drew hardbacks.

So, as I write I am finishing up with rounding off my staff. I just need a Properties Director and an Assistant to the Directors. 

Oh, and I went to Palo Alto on the Wednesday before Christmas to see an equity production of the show at TheatreWorks of Silicon Valley... Excellent, wonderful, entrancing... and yes, underscored my desire to direct this wonderful and loving show.

More later.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Joy of Teaching

I recently got home from teaching my LEGENDS ring channel setting technique in beautiful San Diego.  The Alchemy group down there had me fly down on Friday, teach Saturday and on Sunday the lovely Jonna Faulkner took me to the Coronado Island for an art fair. Karen Rood and Stan and Ann Rosier had a booth and did really well in sales. 

I shopped too. Fun.

Then Jonna took me to Balboa Park and we went through several museums. At one point she took me to a grassy area and there, before my eyes was a Henry Moore sculpture. I was in art heaven.

Entrance to Balboa Park

The Mingie Museum: Jonna & I flipped over the patterns in the raised glaze.

On Saturday we had eight dedicated metal clayers who wanted to learn a more advanced technique in stone setting.  We had an intensive but productive day.
One of my fellow Master Instructors, Maria Martinez, generously offered her services to by my Teachers Assistants for the day. She took the following photos and was an incredible help with everyone.... especially me.
You rock Maria!
Every time I teach a technique my process changes, evolves and improves. Thank goodness! One of my RULES is that my students must teach me something new.  I have deepened my metal clay knowledge that way. 

How lucky am I?

Getting ready to demo           Helping out in the back            Ready for finishing

An earlier finished ring.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilters: The Collateral Is Done!!!!

Yesterday I received the image of the women actors from the photographer and had to tweak it a bit. It wasn't truly proportional and I had to clone the background and add about an inch at the top.  I offered to take the pic.....  It is okay though .... I have some issues with it but I won't point them out. 

The thing IS.....................................It is finished and off to the printers. 
Emailed it this morning. Rah!

and the postcard....

This has been an incredible experience and I loved (most) every minute of it.  Now, all I have to do is post the Constant Contact email. It has been finished for a while and is ready to be sent out.