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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The MoJo is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, my darling Phil...It has taken me over 22 months to get my passion back for my art since you passed out of my life. Oh, I have been a maker of jewelry, that is true. Yet, the excitement, joy, creativity bursts, passion and sheer devotion to my work has been hit or miss. I hadn't had the fervor of needing to be in the studio at all times.

Well, during the El Dorado County Artist's Studio Tour this past September It came back with a thunderous boom.  I had a sketch of a ring... even had the some of the parts made and the gemstones living in a glass dish.... for weeks. During the tour I had two other artists that worked in glass join me at my home as guests.

I knew I needed fresh work and did make some wire dangle earrings with beads. But during the tour I showed them and some clients this 'work in progress' and while I was talking I had flashes of insights of techniques I could use to finish the project.

So, after the Tour I sat down opened up some Art Clay Silver and processed the ring three times until it all came together just the way I wanted.  Better than I hoped, actually.

I hope the neighbors didn't mind the "whoops", "woots", "yeas" and "wowzers" that came out of my mouth. 


The next day I made glass samples and realized that I needed a ceramic form. My good friend Chris Navratil came over and GAVE me some ceramic clay and I then went to town and made a new slump form, fired it and put many layers of kiln was on it. I ground the glass, fire polished and slumped pieces over my new form.   I then made new rings from Art Clay and set the glass 'stones' into the rings and fired, polished and took photos.

Happy camper here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Loooooooog break!

I cannot believe that I haven't written a blog entry since July.  My bad.

Living in the incredible Sierrra foothills has been such a blessing.  I love the weather, the beautiful sunrises and the people... amazing.  The animals are delightful too.

I went out the front door today to get some firewood for my new insert and I frightened off this lovely (and studly) deer.  Everytime I surprise him he takes off for a few yards and turns and looks at me.  I am awed.  Then I get silly and baby-talk him.  I like having him around... it is comforting. Crimey... will I ever grow up? I...think...not....!

This afternoon I was heading for the front door again and hesitated..."Is he still here?" I thought. So I peeked out the front window and saw that lovely animal sleeping not five feet away from me.  It was getting on to dusk and I shot it through the window. So the pic is pretty bad.
It is such an honor having this beautiful animal trust my home area.
Not to mention he likes my trees that are tasty and hide him from the road.

Here is another shot I took last week.


At night he sleeps across the area and faces the window.  He can see me through the picture window ...
and stays there as long as he can stand it.
I am going to put some water out for him tomorrow... if he ever takes off.

And while I am on to photos.... here is a sunrise I caught a few Sundays ago. I remember being in the office using the computer in the mornings and Phil would sit on the side of the bed and call to me, "Hey, Lorrene... look at the sunrise".....  Well after what I saw off my front porch that last Suday morning, I looked to the sky and said, " Hey Phil.... got it honey?"
I like this shot so much I made it into one of my art cards for sale in the Gallery.

From my front porch..... amazing.

I will post some jewelry shots and a tutorial when I get back from Chicago.