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Friday, January 22, 2010

Treasured Jewelry Item That Is Not My Design.

It is Carnival Time Again!

This January, the topic is: ”What is your most treasured piece of jewelry that you personally own, that is not your own personally created work?”

We are a group of jewelry artists working in various mediums who have chosen different topics to write on as a group.This event takes place about the same time each month. Why not visit the other artists listed below the following blog.

After I became a goldsmith (1988) and we had a gallery of jewelry and fine art, I arranged to have classes every now and then in the studio portion of our gallery. In 1996 I took a class at the Revere Academy in Metal Clay and then had a polymer clay artist give a workshop in our gallery. I became instantly addicted to BOTH clays. I became obsessed with both mediums and buried myself in the education and creation of new work. Then after a bit I gave workshops in both clays in our gallery.

Being in the art jewelry business, one of my favorite magazines (and still is) is Ornament. It is comprised of many beautiful articles on what artists are doing to ornament our bodies with various forms of jewelry and textile art. I have kept my treasured Ornament that featured the incredible work of Kathleen Dustin. I am smitten with here original, artful and feminine creations.

Our local (Sacramento Region) polymer guild has had her make the trek from the East Coast to Sacramento for two wonderful workshops. Can you guess that I attended both?

Well, I HAD to buy a pin/brooch from her. This is my favorite work. It is colorful, sensual, tactile, translucent and a balanced work of art. She is also a very grounded and 'real' person. One wants to be her friend because she is what she is. She has no 'star' persona in her aura. No elitist attitude. Just Kathleen. Yet, she is truly a star in the polymer clay community... by artists as well as collectors.

What a talent.

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