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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's About Time.....

Sheesh! All I have to do is go on a vacation and I forget how to get into my blog to write. I haven't been remiss.... just kinda 'blond'.

Anywaysssss.... We went to Portland, Oregon on the Starlight Amtrak train and had such a good time. I got indoctrinated into the McMenamins Hotels and Inns. What a very cool thing they are doing. Refurbishing old dilapidated buildings, hiring full time artists to paint images on the walls that relate to the buildings history and having very fun events.

We went to the 9Th Annual UFO Festival. My hubby is into that. Well, when we were leaving the hotel, Phil tried to get reservations for next year. No dice - sold out. There was a very interesting speaker on Friday night and another on Saturday morning. Then on Saturday afternoon they had the annual Alien Parade. Oh, if I get some pictures I will post. This was the most fun. Then on Saturday night there was the Alien Costume ball. Visualize.... Talk about artful people. The McMenamins hotel we stayed at is the Hotel Oregon in the quaint village of McMinnville. I want to move there. Now. We also checked out the Edgefield Manor (an old poorhouse) and the Grand Lodge, an old Masonic lodge.

We went to a great gallery in Portland and I am going to see if I can get in. It is the Real Mother Goose Gallery. Very nice. Only one metal clay artist and no polymer clay jewelry. So, hope I have a chance.

It has been paperwork galore since we got home.

Well it is getting onto dinner time and when I am hungry -I cook.
Heh, heh.

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